Monday, December 22, 2008

Geek Squad: Incompetent? Geek Squad: Incompetent?


  1. Great blog!! I will have to post some of the crazy stories that we hear when we send our techs out to fix some of their nightmares.

  2. i was promise by g.s. that it would take an hour to fix my computer and it would 69.99 to do it. i asked 69.99 is that it and the computer will be back to normal they said yes. 3 days later and 220.00 later i went up there to get my computer and it hadnt even been finished. i was then told it would be 30 min more so i walked around the store for an hour looking at over priced sh.......t and it still was not complete.finally 30 minutes later it was done....moral of the story dont ever go to geek squad.......i cant suggest where to go but please try somewhere else.....frisco texas

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